Impact Window Installations

Buying the best impact windows simply isn’t enough to ensure your home is secured from storms and intruders. Additionally, you have to choose the right company to install it because such products can only protect you if correctly installed. You can be sure that our professional and experienced team will carefully remove your old windows and replace them with new, high-quality impact windows, creating a safer environment and allowing you to have peace of mind.
When you first contact us, our staff will measure all of your windows and explain the details regarding the products in our offer. You will also have a chance to see samples of impact window models built by different materials (vinyl and aluminum) and manufactured by renowned brands so you can choose the appropriate one for you. You can choose between single hung windows, horizontal roller windows, casement windows, sliding glass, bifold and French doors.
Once the measurements are taken and the type of window or a door is chosen, we will provide detailed information regarding the price so you can be sure you have all the necessary information in advance.
High-Quality Impact Windows for Complete Protection
New, strong impact windows from the most experienced manufacturers offer you full protection at a reasonable cost. You will be able to keep all glass surfaces and enjoy splendid views because the windows we offer are not only impact-resistant, but also provide noise reduction and protection from UV rays which can fade your furniture and flooring.
Hurricanes damaging winds and heavy rains can be very dangerous, but the impact windows we install will keep you and your family sheltered. All you have to do is contact our customer service representatives who will assist you with anything you need and help schedule an appointment with our installation experts. Choosing the impact windows will also help you save money on energy bills and insurance. We use only the best materials for our products, so you can say goodbye to costly repairs and be sure that your home will remain intact.
Quick Expert Installation
We service both commercial and residential properties, and our services and products are carefully designed to fit all your needs. Our skilled technicians have years of experience installing impact windows in private homes, apartments, office buildings, condos, medical buildings, and other business facilities.
Once our technicians arrive with the impact windows, they will cover your furniture to protect it from dust and debris and they will remove everything out of danger to protect your house from damage. They will remove existing windows and prepare the opening for the new ones by checking them and will inspect if they need repairs.
They will apply a sealant to the opening and place a new window in its place. We strive to always stay ahead of our competitors, so you can be confident that when the installation is completed, your new windows will offer all the necessary protection.
Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Home To First-Class Impact Windows?
If you are ready to request a quote, you can fill out the online form on our website, and we will get back to you within minutes. We work with the well-known impact window companies that provide the products that are made to last.
Give us a call today and hire the best company in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Delray, Portland, Lantana, Lakeworth, etc. which follows strict building codes and offers a long-term guarantee.

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