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Mission Statement

For almost one full decade TAI Group, Inc. has been an authorized dealer for all superior quality impact window and door manufacturers. We provide our services all over South Florida including West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Delray, Portland, Lantana, Lakeworth etc. What began as a small local company has developed into a dynamic company who is quickly becoming a leader in the impact window and door industry. With quality and customer service as the focus, TAI Group has continued the trend of maintaining a strategic growth initiative. A family owned and operated manufacturer of hurricane resistant windows and doors, TAI Group is dedicated to change and innovation inspired by our customer’s needs and satisfaction and to our commitment of product excellence.

About Tai Group Inc

TAI Group impact windows and doors are not only hurricane resistant, eliminating the need for shutters; they also offer security and dramatically reduce unwanted environmental noises and harmful UV rays.

Impact-resistant windows and doors just may be the most affordable way to make your house energy efficient and reduce your bills. There is no need to waste energy or money if you can make small improvements for a big gain. This is the kind of investment that will pay off in the years to come, not just in money but in healthier environment, too.

Contact us at any time and ask about anything you want to know regarding the various models of our impact-resistant windows and doors. We promise we will offer you the best solution for your home and send our professionals to install it for you.

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